Himalayan Yoga & Meditation Center in Palatine, IL offers a comprehensive TTP300 program. The program is designed based upon the ancient teachings of Himalayan Tradition and covers all aspects of the philosophy and practice of yoga discipline. 
The HYMC TTP300 program is registered with Yoga Alliance and meets its certification requirements.  

HYMC 300 TTP Course Description:

  • 12 Monthly Modules at Himalayan Yoga & Meditation Center {168 contact and 24 non-contact (self study) hours :

  • Attend one HYMTA annual retreat (16 contact hours) 

  • Attend Elective Workshops/Trainings at HMYC (25 contact hours)

  • Completion of Meditation level II classes at HYMC (9 hr).                                                

  • Teaching yoga at HYMC (16 contact hours)

  • Monthly Sunday scripture study group (8 x 1.5 hr each)

  • Monthly Global Full Moon Meditation (8 x 1 hr each)

  • Quarterly HYMTA meetings (4 x 2 hr each)

  • Complete 3 non-contact hours by submitting for review, a 30 day meditation journal

  • Complete 3 non-contact hours by submitting for review, a 30 day food journal

  • Complete 8 non-contact hours by performing selfless service at the center. 

       Our founder, Sri Swami Rama, spoke of the importance of doing seva (selfless service) for one’s spiritual progress.  


 The program includes the following 12 modules:

  • Advanced Hatha postures and teaching them (Parts I, II, and III)

  • Teaching Hatha to special populations (including prenatal, children, seniors)

  • Pranayama philosophy and practices, mudras & bandhas, shat-kriyas, yoga-nidra

  • Yoga philosophy I, including Sankhya philosophy ,neurology of meditation, mantra theory/practice brain waves, biofeedback.

  • Yoga philosophy II, including Yoga philosophy, Kashmiri Shaivism, Upanishads, and Bhagavadgita,

  • Yoga Sutras, a study of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras and Vyasa's commentary - chapters I, II, and III.

  • Sanskrit, the language of yoga. Pronunciation of yoga postures, and mantras.

  • Subtle & Causal body. Chakras, pranas, nadi’s, 61/31 points, sheethali-karana

  • Yoga anatomy and physiology, Human body systems, tissues, and functions.

  • Principles of Ayurveda (the ancient science of long life).


Each module earns between 12 and 18 contact hrs and a variable number of non-contact hours (dependent upon the module) for self study and/or personal effort.  Certain modules also require the student to pass a test which is given on the first day of the following module.  The components and modules comprising the program insure that the minimum credit hours in each of the five YA categories are met in order to graduate. 

Module Hours:
Saturday & Sunday: 11:00 AM - 6:30 PM

Program Policies and Details​:

  • Students entering the 300 Hr Teachers Training Program must complete HYMC’s 200 TTP before applying. The graduates of other YA registered TTP200 schools are invited to register, but they would also need to take Meditation I class before graduation.

  • The program modules can be completed in one year however, students have three years to graduate. A grace period may be applied for under extenuating circumstances along with an administrative fee of $50.

  • Students living within 35 miles from the center must take their Hatha classes at the HYMC.

  • The students must register with payment one week in advance of the class date for the module they plan to take.  In case of extenuating circumstances causing the student to miss a pre-paid module, the student will be reimbursed for the fees minus 5% as administrative expenses. HYMC reserves the right to re-schedule a weekend class module due to insufficient student registration.

  • An initiation into the Himalayan Tradition with receiving of a personal mantra is highly recommended for students prior to graduation.

  • The students are required to take the workshops that are designed as part of our TTP300 curriculum at HYMC.

  • Students need to pass written exams for those modules that have an exam. In addition, the students need to complete on essay style take home exam for graduation.  Take home test is pass/fail, and on-site test passing grade is 80%.

  • Completed attendance logs, food and meditation journals must be turned in at least one month before completion of the program.

  • A faculty evaluation will be held to assess a student’s readiness to graduate.

Fees:  The fees consist of a program registration fee of $250.  The module fees are $220 for each module, payable before the student attends a module.  The fee structure is designed to spread the cost of the program over the period of the program in a “pay-as-you-go” format with no additional finance charges. After including the non-fee credit hours (non-contact hours), the total program cost amounts to $3,750.  A discounted package fee of $3,200 for the complete TTP300 program including registration is also available and is payable at start of the program. All the program activities take place in Chicgo area and no travel to any destinations is required.