About The Himalayan Tradition

Our MISSION is to help individuals realize their full potential, lead a healthy balanced life, with mindfulness, through teaching of yoga, meditation, and philosophy as taught by Himalayan masters.

Our VISION is to alleviate human suffering.

The Himalayan Yoga and Meditation Center was founded to teach yoga and meditation based on the principles and methodology presented by Swami Rama of the Himalayas, a Self Realized master, teacher, humanitarian, scientist, poet, and master of many arts. The Himalayan Tradition comes to us from the Himalayan Mountains in India, which have been home to great sages for millennia. These great sages have lived and passed on knowledge of yogic techniques in an unbroken lineage since the Vedic period of 5000 years ago. The purpose of the Himalayan Tradition is to awaken the divine flame within each human being so they may come to know his or her true Self.

The methods and philosophies of the Himalayan Tradition have withstood the test of time. It is the task of the teacher, through the Grace of the Guru, to selflessly help his/her students on the way of highest enlightenment. Passing on the knowledge is done experientially through the transmission of a pulsation of energy. Scientific research is now echoing the teachings of the sages--- living mindfully and in the present is the finest way to live. Yoga performed with mindfulness allows one to refine the body and its movements, while learning to live in the present.